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Exactly two hundred years ago the Congress of Vienna was in full swing, re-establishing the boundaries of Europe in the hope of lasting peace after the ravages of the Napoleonic Wars. The Congress’s ‘Final Act’ was signed nine days before Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Beethoven, at the height of his success as a composer, was commissioned to write a cantata to celebrate the occasion, for performance before the assembled crowned heads in Vienna. The result was ‘ Der glorreiche Augenblick (“The glorious moment”) – a ‘peace cantata’ on the scale of Ode to Joy but somewhat lost in the mists of time… until its recording by the CLC and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Naxos three years ago. Highly acclaimed, it received a full five stars from BBC Music Magazine and was described in The Guardian as ‘thrill-a-minute stuff that draws you in and sweeps away any scruples you may have’.

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