What the public say

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In Paradisum, St John’s Smith Square, June 2013

“First let me say how much I enjoyed the Fauré last week. It was a dream of a performance.”

“Did I tell you how much I enjoyed the amazing first half of the Fauré concert? It was unfamiliar music to me, but just riveting. The choir sang their hearts out and were the stars.”

Bach: St Matthew Passion, St John’s Smith Square, March 2012

“I was hugely impressed not just by the sound and the clarity of the words but also by the conviction of so many of the singers… there was a real commitment to telling the story of the passion…I was deeply moved by the way in which the words were communicated and it was a profound experience.”

“It has been such a pleasure working with you… You have always had our best interests at heart and the children have so benefited from all the hard work you put in to organise their amazing workshops which culminated in such a wonderful concert experience for them on Sunday evening.”

“I was so incredibly proud of the children and found myself quite emotional during the performance. It was very moving to see the looks on the faces of the parents as they realised just what their children are capable of. This has been an experience that they and the children will never forget. The singing was indeed heavenly and we certainly did see the audience reaction! It was just such a privilege for us to be a part of the whole thing.”

“My withers were well and truly wrung at last night’s concert. The sight and sound of those children in the gallery was very moving, especially when you thought of the intense novelty of the experience for them. In spite of their height and distance, their fresh young voices sounded clearly and they had the music off by heart. Terrific. The Evangelist was spectacularly good in his key role and never stopped acting his heart out from beginning to end…. The Band and their ancient sounds were wonderful too. And the choir got better and better, peaking for their war cry of Barabbas!”

“Thanks to you all – a wonderful professional partnership! The kids are still on a high this morning in assembly… What’s the next project?!”

“I just wanted to say what an amazing sound your choir make – really biting and tight, giving such an edge to the piece, and the soloists were amazing… It was a real privilege for our children to sing with you… I’m told the sound coming from the gallery was quite heavenly, and several people said it brought a wonderful third dimension to the performance.”

Mr Handel’s Charitable Works, St John’s Smith Square, November 2011

“Warmest congratulations on a wonderful concert last Tuesday. The choir was on triumphant form!”

Mendelssohn’s Lobgesang, Barbican Hall, April 2010

‘Last night I fell in love…with Mendelssohn! Head over heels. Why did it take me this long? Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. High point? Hard to pick just one but I will go for the chorale in the Lobgesang. Eye-moistening, spine-tingling.’

“We were totally blown away by last night’s concert. It really was a superlative effort by all the performers, not least the City of London Choir. My friend said that it was one of the most beautiful concerts she had ever been to. The uplift lasted for a long time…”

“I did enjoy the concert on Tuesday, there was a tremendous buzz in the hall at the end.”

“What a lovely, lovely concert. We were all delighted with the entire evening. So-Ock Kim is simply awesome and enthralling. So much to remember from just one piece of music.”

The Glorious Moment, Barbican Hall, February 2009

“Warmest congratulations on another stupendous concert last night… We brought along four friends who had not had the COL choir experience and they were enthralled by it all. Think of it as four more regular tickets sold.”